The Intention

Building high quality healthy homes is a social good.  A home is the most important of all material possessions, and becomes the basis for how people build their lives and become whom they wish to be.   Architecture is both expression and containment - design and function.  What it contains is life - the activities of those who use it.  What it should therefore express is life.  Build expressions of life and art, for people to live and love and grow in.

Approach every new venture with one goal in mind - to build the best building that can be built on that site.  It must be efficient, built of high-quality products, and it must be beautiful.  Design is of paramount importance to Cox Developments.



989 Johnson St

989 Victoria shatters the design constrictions that Victoria has placed upon itself.  This building has been shaped and sculpted, paralleling how people shape and sculpt their own lives.  Cox Developments will never build two buildings that look the same, as each other, or like any other building. 

1075 Pandora

Located on the border and serving as a gateway site to downtown, this development is uniquely positioned and designed for an active urban Victoria lifestyle.