989 Johnson

989 Victoria shatters the design constrictions that Victoria has placed upon itself.  This building has been shaped and sculpted, paralleling how people shape and sculpt their own lives.  Cox Developments will never build two buildings that look the same, as each other, or like any other building.

Twin sculpted towers rising from an angled and articulated six storey base, 989 Johnson will take Victoria by storm.  

This building brings the big city to Vancouver Island.  Its 205 units are of all shapes and sizes, with something for everyone.  It has been sculpted and shaped with no two sides being alike.  

Its North face is on the ever lively Johnson street, and its South and West faces face the Olympic Mountains, the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and the beautiful Victoria Inner Harbour.  Its East face looks to Gonzales Bay, Oak Bay and across to Washington State and the Gulf Islands.  

Close enough to be a five minute walk from all the best restaurants and night spots, yet close enough to Cook Street to have a neighbourhood feel that can be lost right downtown.